Essential Essentials

One of the most frequent compliments I receive from Feetish Spa Parlor visitors is how good it smells as they approach my shop. My graphic designer neighbor smiles and takes a deep breath every time she passes by on her way to the restroom and strangers follow their noses down the hall until they arrive at my open door.

The origin of this olfactory adventure lies in my daily use of essential oils. At the risk of being referred to as a dirty hippie, I usually wear ylang ylang, patchouli, frankincense and sandalwood. At Feetish, I diffuse different oils on a cotton round — usually eucalyptus, lavender, and doTERRA’s Citrus Bliss blend.

Always a fan of educating the public and peddling my wares, here are the doTERRA essential oils currently available for sale at Feetish Spa Parlor. I’ve also included my favorite use for each oil and its price. Enjoy, and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have!

Lavender – A bestseller! I like to diffuse it in the office, and I use it on my sunburn when my vampire-like skins see too much UV light. $28

Patchouli – People either love it or hate it. I love it as a perfume oil. $40

Peppermint – So many uses! My fave? Breath freshener! $28

Vetiver – A very grounding scent, similar to patchouli. I like to diffuse it. $46

Lemon – A few drops in water makes for a yummy drink. $14

Ylang Ylang – Don’t laugh, but it makes an awesome women’s deodorant. $47

Clove – To be perfectly honest I don’t use clove oil on a regular basis, BUT lots of people use it to help them quit smoking. $19

Lime – You can use it when cooking, or put a few drops in your drinking water. $18

Melaleuca – Also known as tea tree oil, it has strong anti-fungal properities. $26

Cinnamon – You can put a few drops in hot chocolate to give it a spicy kick. $28

Rosemary – On chicken. Mmmm. $19

Frankincense – Works wonders on bizarro skin conditions. $93

Geranium – Known for its age-defying skin benefits. $36

Eucalyptus – Out of stock, but more is on the way! Relieves nasal congestion, and smells like a (clean) steam room at the spa. $19

TerraShield – A natural bug repellent. $13

On Guard – This blend helps relieve throat discomfort when I catch a cold. $43

Citrus Bliss – Smells like Creamsicles. ‘Nuff said. $20

PastTense – The BEST thing for headaches and cramps. $25

Clear Skin – A natural way to attack acne, in roll-on form. $28

I have testers of most of these oils in the shop, so feel free to stop by and play!

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