Mad Hattery

At some point over the last two years, most visitors to Feetish Spa Parlor have had some form of contact with Mike and Jamie Dobiesz of Dobez Designz. Maybe you met this jewelry-and-curiosity-making couple while they were tenants on the first floor of Emergency Arts, or at one of Feetish Spa Parlor’s many social gatherings. Perhaps you’ve noticed Mike’s copper chainmaille creations or Jamie’s steampunk chokers adorning the bodies of some of your favorite Las Vegans. If you’ve been particularly lucky, you’ve hung out with these two at their booth at First Friday AND at their current home in Art Square: Unhinged by Design.

I mention Mike and Jamie here because they’ve been busy. Their recycled bullet jewelry is selling like hotcakes, and Jamie has been making old timey hats from scratch by the dozen. The hats were the reason I joined them at Unhinged last week for a photo shoot (so Mike could make a video featuring said hats. Of course we Instagrammed* the hell out of these things, too.)

Jamie’s hats are one-of-a-kind and start at $35. Unhinged is open Tuesday through Sunday — check them out the next time you’re in Downtown Las Vegas!


*A special thanks to Paul Barnes for supplying the Instagram photos!

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