What Makes A Feetish Pedicure “The Best Pedicure In Las Vegas”

Recently a few lovely new Feetish clients told me they found me by Googling “best pedicure in Vegas” and Feetish came up as the top (non-paid-for) result. For obvious reasons I was tickled to hear this, and it got me thinking: What makes Feetish’s pedicures stand out in a city where you can get a great pedicure at a five star hotel just a few miles down the road?


While I was designing Feetish, my goal was to create a total environment that would give my guests the opportunity to escape time and space for a little while. A little bit Victorian parlor and a little bit curiosity shop, with a clean, comfortable spa vibe that didn’t look like anything you’d think you’d find in Las Vegas. Attention to uncommon details: The ceiling (matte black decorative tiles), the lighting (dimmed chandeliers), the linens (blacks, grays), and the decor (candles, anatomical posters and models, butterflies, crystals, etc.), white noise, music, essential oils diffused daily, chocolates in a candy dish. Each and every service performed one-on-one on a comfy, padded massage table in a private treatment room, which is essentially unheard of in a nail salon setting.


I am a meticulous pedicurist. Sanitation, quality products, expert massage skills, thorough exfoliation, detailed nail care, and damn near perfect polish; these are some of the things that I love focusing on during every pedicure at Feetish. You know what else I love doing at Feetish? Coming up with themed pedicures that you can’t get anywhere else: The Walking Ped (zombie themed pedicure with a warm, mushy brains foot soak), Bela LuToesi’s Ped (vampire themed pedicure with a warm candle wax massage and shimmer powder application), The Grateful Ped (quite possibly the first CBD pedicure ever offered in Las Vegas), and so many more! You can’t rush quality, so I don’t offer any pedicures shorter than 90 minutes. I have very high standards for my work!


Could I use cheaper products? Of course. I could buy bulk oils, scrubs and creams made with inexpensive ingredients by the gallon (or five gallon tub, or fifty five gallon drum) and reduce my product cost on each pedicure by a couple of bucks. But you know why I don’t? I care about what I put on my clients’ skin. I insist on using cruelty free products that don’t contain sulfates, parabens, pthalates or fillers whenever possible. I carry nail polishes that range from OPI (your standard quality salon brand) to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (cruelty free boutique line that doesn’t contain many irritating ingredients commonly found in nail polishes) to 786 (a cruelty free vegan line that’s halal, breathable and free from eleven of the most common nail polish irritants).  I will always use the best products that I’ve found to get the results that I expect from my pedicures.


Your comfort is my priority. I don’t subscribe to a one size fits all philosophy, so all of Feetish’s services are customized to help you reach your self care goals. I’m one of those people that really enjoys communicating so I can make sure you’re beyond satisfied with your pedicure when you leave Feetish and head back out into the world.

I think that sums up what makes Feetish’s pedicures the top rated pedicures in Las Vegas! If you’ve ever left me an online review, I present you with a million thanks from the bottom of my heart. You’re what makes it possible for me to do what I love for a living. ❤

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