How To Smooth Rough Soles

One of the most common compliments I receive from clients following my pedicures is “I have new feet! They’ve never been so smooth!”, and one of the most common questions I hear is “What can I do to keep this going at home?”. Well, my life is an open book and I want you to get as much enjoyment from your feet as is humanly possible, so here’s what I do at Feetish to get those rough, dry soles back to baby soft feet.


Soak feet for at least 10 minutes in warm water, using a magnesium salt-rich bath bomb (but not an oily one…I’ll explain why later) or bath salts. Again, avoid heavy oils or butters at this stage.


Use a clean-rinsing foot or body scrub on legs and feet. Again, not one that leaves an oily residue.


I use Footlogix Callus Softener and the Footlogix Stainless Steel Foot File. Let the softener absorb into your soles for a few minutes, then gently run the foot file over your calluses. You should start to see dead skin rolling up and falling off of your feet. (Do this over a towel for easy clean up. And remember the no oily residue rule? If there’s oil on your soles the callus softener won’t absorb into your skin and this step won’t be successful.)


When you can’t feel anymore moisture on your freshly-filed soles, use a 100/180 grit nail file to further smooth calluses. You can start with the 100 grit side and finish with a pass using the 180 grit side. If you do ANY of the steps up to and including this one, do this step as it will give you the most bang for your buck.


Use a warm, damp towel to remove the “dust” from your feet and apply a thick, rich moisturizer on your entire foot. This can be a body butter (I like Fresh Creamy Milk Body Butter found here) or if you want an even thicker moisturizer, use shea butter or a shea butter based balm (I like the Skin Sticks found here, especially The Healer). Put socks on over this layer of product and go about your day (or night). Moisturize using the same product every morning (and evening as well if you feel you need it). NOTE: If you are prone to athlete’s foot, avoid putting non-medicated lotions and creams between your toes.


Buzz Peel Body Exfoliating Gel is a fun, interesting, satisfying product to use on your soles. You apply a small amount to dry, rough skin and rub it in. Within seconds you’ll see dead skin start to roll up and off of your feet. You can use it a few times per week if you’d like. Find Buzz Peel here.

Find Fizi Bath Bombs for your foot soak here. I prefer the Sweet Lavender formula when it’s available.

Baby Foot Foot Peel will likely cause your dead foot skin to fall off in sheets over the course of 3 – 10 days. Find it here.


Most times it can be beneficial to come in for a pedicure first (like Feetish’s Dead Soles Pedicure) so a professional who loves smoothing your soles (like me!) can get your new feet off on the right foot. After this reset, your self care routine will be so much easier and more effective.

I hope this blog post was helpful! If you need some hands on assistance, please book a pedicure with me at Feetish. I’d love to smooth your soles. 🙂

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