Greetings & Updates, May 2020

May 2020

Dear friends,

I hope this note finds you well, all things considered.

Today lots and lots of Nevada businesses were allowed to reopen (with new rules, of course).

Feetish is not open yet. Technically I run an “aesthetics” establishment, and we were not included in the governor’s phase 1 reopening plan.

Please don’t be mad! I’m not. This just gives me more time to prepare for your visit! I’m upgrading my sanitation protocols to be EVEN STRICTER than they were before (gasp!), I’m working on getting my hands on decent PPE, and I’m rearranging the spa to reduce the number of porous surfaces that your body may come in contact with.

I’ll also be changing my hours to Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon 10am – 9pm (still by appointment only). I’m in the process of updating and I hope to have it mostly done by the end of this month…you can expect some new services and some new COVID-19 protocols. It’s a work in progress at this moment, so browse at your own risk.

When will Feetish reopen? I’m tentatively eyeballing Friday, June 12th. You’ll know more when I do, but in the meantime I just need you to know that I love and appreciate you. Thanks so much for your patience and support. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Stay safe,


In the meantime, would you like to shop with me online?

Many thanks to everyone who has purchased personal care items from me online during the shutdown.

Do you need hand cream, soap, or other personal hygiene supplies?

You can shop for Posh here, or Avon here. 🙂

Social Media

I’ll send another email out when I know 100% what my reopening date and changes look like, but I’ll also invite you to follow Feetish on social media for more (usually quicker) details.


Feetish Spa Parlor



Feetish/Andrea (it’s all the same)


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