I Love Men’s Pedicures

OK, to be completely honest I love performing all pedicures regardless of the recipient’s gender, but it is so amazing to see dudes taking care of their feet!

If you’re a guy who has not had the pleasure of visiting Feetish for the most luxurious pedicure in Las Vegas, let me describe the experience in a manner that may convince you to try one (or at the very least may put your pedicure-considering mind at ease).

Every Feetish Spa Parlor appointment is performed by me (Andrea). I’m happy to answer any questions you may have before, during or after your appointment, and I am adamant about providing the level of service that I myself would find utterly delightful.

80% of your pedicure will be performed in a darkened room while you’re relaxing on a cushy massage table (face up, fully clothed, optional blanket and table warmer). During the other 20% you’ll be sitting up while soaking your feet.

Cleanliness and sanitation are extremely important to me! In addition to the COVID-19 policies described here, I am also on top of disinfecting all non-porous reusable implements, and promptly discarding all single-use implements immediately following each appointment. Your skin will be in contact with clean, properly sanitized surfaces during your visit, because I won’t accept anything less.

My treatment room is private. Our conversation is private. Your feet are my business and nobody else’s.

I’m a licensed nail tech, esthetician, and massage therapist. This means I have advanced training in nail care, skin care, and muscular concerns. When it comes to feet, this is a big deal! I also have foot issues of my own (Morton’s toe! Overpronation! High arches! An overlapping pinky toe!) so I’m pretty relatable and extremely non-judgmental.

Men’s pedicures can include buffing the nails to a matte finish or to a shine, regular nail polish, or gel polish. I’ve performed each one of these options on male clients more times than I can count. It’s your choice, and there’s no extra charge for any of these finishing touches.

Men’s pedicures also include a thorough smoothing of calluses, a foot soak and scrub, trimming toenails and filing them, pushing cuticles back (and trimming them if needed), a soothing foot and leg massage, deep hydrating lotion application, and some time wrapped up in steamed towel booties. And guess what! These steps are included in ALL of Feetish’s 90 and 120 minute pedicures, so it doesn’t matter what your gender is: Book whichever pedicure catches your eye.

I hope this blog post demystified what a men’s pedicure at Feetish Spa Parlor consists of, and I hope you’ll get in touch if you have any questions. Come on in and let me spoil your feet!

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