C’mon, Why Don’t You Do Manicures at Feetish?

When I first became licensed to offer nail services at Feetish, I put manicures on my menu while remaining well aware that feet were my primary passion. The folks who came in for manicures were lovely humans, and most have remained my good friends to this day. My manicures looked nice and lasted for quite a while, yet something integral was missing and I needed to take a deep dive into what that was, exactly.

Manicures had always made up less than 10% of my total business. This was partially due to the fact that I charged more that the neighborhood nail shop (private rooms and quality products aren’t cheap), I didn’t do artificial nails (I’m allergic to acrylic chemicals), and my schedule was so busy with pedicures and facials that there wasn’t much room for manicures anyway. When I relocated from Fremont Street to New Orleans Square I had to decide what I was willing and able to accommodate in my new space: Manicure table? Manicure-specific tools? Or did I want to go all in on smoothing soles and painting toes?

With minimal hesitation I went with my original love: Feet and the pampering of feet. I absolutely adore the fact that I can spoil your footsies while you relax on a cushy massage table in a darkened room as stars dance across the ceiling. This is my meditation time too; when I can lose myself in the ritual care and grooming of your sore, tired, overworked soles. If you can list five things better than a good foot massage, I’m willing to have that conversation!

To those who wish I had the passion for caring for fingers the way I do toes, big sympathetic hugs to you. Manicures are best left to those who specialize in them, and if Feetish happens to become home to a meticulous manicurist one of these days, I’ll be shouting about it from the rooftops! 😉

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