Other Things To Do At Las Vegas’ New Orleans Square

Feetish’s current home is in a complex called New Orleans Square (NOS). NOS is located about a mile east the Las Vegas Strip, with plenty of free parking on the side that faces Sahara. It’s toward the back of the Commercial Center parking lot (that it shares with famous Vegas landmarks Lotus Of Siam and The Green Door). Look for the two story building next to the indoor rollerskating rink — that’s New Orleans Square!

Over the past few years, NOS has been morphing from a collection of random offices and various businesses into a creative community featuring art galleries, studios, restaurants, specialty shops, and weird small businesses (like Feetish!). The property is family run, and the property owner is a Burning Man guy with a vision. For myself and many others, NOS feels like home.

Here’s a short list of other places to visit while you’re exploring NOS. It’s in a state of constant change and growth, so I’ll update this post periodically. Please check each business’ hours independently to avoid disappointment. 😉

Hellbound Horror Collectibles – Mom and pop horror shop featuring local artists and some hard to find items. Open Tues – Sun. (I bought a Lego Alien here. Lots of creepy dolls!)

Cocky Punk – Your friendly neighborhood lifestyle store. Open Tues – Sat. (I bought the comfiest pride socks here. Lots of sexy leather harnesses!)

Sci Fi Center – Comic books, pins, Star Trek and Star Wars collectibles, sci fi events and more! Open most evenings and some days. (I saw Picard episode 1 here!)

Growthspring Healing & Creative Arts – Dr. Havi Mandell offers art therapy, teaching, coaching, reiki, energy healing and more in her courtyard gallery.

Core Contemporary – Nancy Good’s art studio and impressive gallery space features different artists. Open Wed – Sat. (I’ve enjoyed every show I’ve seen here.)

Compulsion Studio & Gallery – Carrie Miller’s art studio and gallery features works of a creepy, gothic and deathy nature. Open Wed – Sun. (Lots of skulls here. You know I love skulls.)

ASAP Studio & Gallery – Featuring a rotating roster of local artists.

Fort Bedlam Coffee House – Coffee and forts! COMING SOON

Cineloggia – A museum featuring sci fi and horror movie special effects props!

Photo Bang Bang – Need some photo studio time, or a photographer? Contact Feetish’s neighbors across the courtyard.

Hot 702.5 – Risky radio, streaming online! Hip hop, R&B, pop, and talk shows.

Blooming Memory Florist – Beautiful floral arrangements, fast delivery, and outstanding custom work!

Kim’s $5 Glitz & Bling – Jewelry of all kinds starting at $1, mostly priced at $5!

Lost Vegas Tea & Spice House – Ya Ya is a vegan chef who makes weird and wonderful tea and spice blends for all tastes.

Alternative Peer Group – Adolescent drop-in center offering Peer Recovery Support Services.

Gender Justice – Inclusive, intersectional support for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Sin Sity Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence – These naughty nuns raise money for AIDS drug assistance, and work their habits off for queer outreach and visibility.

Sankofa Cultural Center – Workshops and educational events celebrating African history and culture.

Melodic Minds Music Academy – Musical and vocal training for all skill levels.

Rapid Tech Repair & Recovery – Veteran-owned electronics repair shop.

This list is incomplete as new attractions are opening weekly. Come down and explore!

3 thoughts on “Other Things To Do At Las Vegas’ New Orleans Square

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