My Cheap, Easy Self Care Tips For Smooth Feet

If you’ve visited me at Feetish here in Vegas, we may have discussed some self care tips you can use at home to extend the life of your pedicure (especially those super smooth soles!). My top two cheap and easy foot care tips are these:

  • Moisturize your feet daily. Use a thick cream or butter (like shea or cocoa). Focus on your dry areas (like your heels). If you can put socks on over your moisturizer, that’s even better. Leave on all day, all night, or both.
  • Use a 100/180 grit nail file on your soles’ rough spots to smooth them out. Most folks will respond best to the 180 (finer grit) side, but really thick or rough calluses may respond better to the 100 grit side. Always use this file on DRY soles, never wet. Do not over file. Repeat weekly or as needed.

Need some suggested products?

I like putting Posh’s hand creme on my feet. It’s thick and it smells really good! 

Amazon carries nail files from countless brands, but here’s a pack that will last you a long time.

Questions? You know where to find me! 🙂

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