About Andrea

I’m flattered that you care. Thanks.

I was born in Rochester, NY, before acid washed jeans and New Wave forever changed the way we look at chemical bleaching agents. A high school career as a lazy artist led me to enter the front end of the printing industry, which resulted in a fascination with the day spa menu that one of my accounts re-ordered on a frequent basis. I received my first professional massage at this spa, circa 2000.

What followed was afeetishheadshotn obsession with all things spa-related, to the extent that I graduated from the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage in Rochester in 2005, began working in the Las Vegas resort spa industry in 2007, attended Destination Academy for esthetics in 2008, and became a licensed nail technician in 2014. 

When I’m not hanging out at New Orleans Square or pampering the masses at Feetish, my waking hours are spent writing, crafting, and obsessing over Dave Gahan’s tight pants of yesteryear.

I’m impressed that you’re still reading this. If I haven’t yet satisfied your curiosity, there’s a good chance I’ll answer any queries if presented in a pleasant tone. Please ask away.