Trick Or Treat, Smell Your Feet

October 2020

Happy Halloween, All!

Help yourself to FREE mini vegan oatmeal & lavender soaps when you come in for a service at Feetish this month! (And of course, chocolates are ALWAYS on the menu at Feetish!)





Stand Back Bacial
It’s like a relaxing facial for your back! A gentle exfoliant revives dull skin, and soothing oils and creams are massaged into your back, neck and shoulders to smooth and hydrate. Includes steamed towels, warm stones, and customized aromatherapy.

60 minutes $89

90 minutes $119



Thanks so much for supporting Gender Justice last quarter! Through the end of 2020, 10% of online Posh sales at will be donated to SafeNest to assist those dealing with domestic violence.



I’ll be doing outdoor chair massages for tips during movie night on 10/17. Click for more info.

Project Ripper is coming to New Orleans Square on 10/23 & 10/24! Click for more info.

My Cheap, Easy Self Care Tips For Smooth Feet

If you’ve visited me at Feetish here in Vegas, we may have discussed some self care tips you can use at home to extend the life of your pedicure (especially those super smooth soles!). My top two cheap and easy foot care tips are these:

  • Moisturize your feet daily. Use a thick cream or butter (like shea or cocoa). Focus on your dry areas (like your heels). If you can put socks on over your moisturizer, that’s even better. Leave on all day, all night, or both.
  • Use a 100/180 grit nail file on your soles’ rough spots to smooth them out. Most folks will respond best to the 180 (finer grit) side, but really thick or rough calluses may respond better to the 100 grit side. Always use this file on DRY soles, never wet. Do not over file. Repeat weekly or as needed.

Need some suggested products?

I like putting Posh’s hand creme on my feet. It’s thick and it smells really good! 

Amazon carries nail files from countless brands, but here’s a pack that will last you a long time.

Questions? You know where to find me! 🙂

Other Things To Do At Las Vegas’ New Orleans Square

Feetish’s current home is in a complex called New Orleans Square (NOS). NOS is located about a mile east the Las Vegas Strip, with plenty of free parking on the side that faces Sahara. It’s toward the back of the Commercial Center parking lot (that it shares with famous Vegas landmarks Lotus Of Siam and The Green Door). Look for the two story building next to the indoor rollerskating rink — that’s New Orleans Square!

Over the past few years, NOS has been morphing from a collection of random offices and various businesses into a creative community featuring art galleries, studios, restaurants, specialty shops, and weird small businesses (like Feetish!). The property is family run, and the property owner is a Burning Man guy with a vision. For myself and many others, NOS feels like home.

Here’s a short list of other places to visit while you’re exploring NOS. It’s in a state of constant change and growth, so I’ll update this post periodically. Please check each business’ hours independently to avoid disappointment. 😉

Hellbound Horror Collectibles – Mom and pop horror shop featuring local artists and some hard to find items. Open Tues – Sun. (I bought a Lego Alien here. Lots of creepy dolls!)

Cocky Punk – Your friendly neighborhood lifestyle store. Open Tues – Sat. (I bought the comfiest pride socks here. Lots of sexy leather harnesses!)

Sci Fi Center – Comic books, pins, Star Trek and Star Wars collectibles, sci fi events and more! Open most evenings and some days. (I saw Picard episode 1 here!)

Core Contemporary – Nancy Good’s art studio and impressive gallery space features different artists. Open Wed – Sat. (I’ve enjoyed every show I’ve seen here.)

Compulsion Studio & Gallery – Carrie Miller’s art studio and gallery features works of a creepy, gothic and deathy nature. Open Wed – Sun. (Lots of skulls here. You know I love skulls.)

Fort Bedlam Coffee House – Coffee and forts! COMING SOON

Cineloggia – A museum featuring sci fi and horror movie special effects props. COMING SOON

Photo Bang Bang – Need some photo studio time, or a photographer? Contact Feetish’s neighbors across the courtyard.

Hot 702.5 – Risky radio, streaming online! Hip hop, R&B, pop, and talk shows.

Blooming Memory Florist – Beautiful floral arrangements, fast delivery, and outstanding custom work!

Alternative Peer Group – Adolescent drop-in center offering Peer Recovery Support Services.

Gender Justice – Inclusive, intersectional support for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Sin Sity Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence – These naughty nuns raise money for AIDS drug assistance, and work their habits off for queer outreach and visibility.

Catcher’s Fish House – Catfish, lobster tacos, shrimp and grits and more!

This list is incomplete as new attractions are opening weekly. Come down and explore!

September 2020 News (Hint: Free Bath Bombs for Educators)

September 2020

Dear Friends,

A year has gone by since I signed the lease on Feetish’s new location. It’s hard to believe I was designing a spa twelve months ago!

To my new clients: Thanks so much for finding me and for trusting me to give you a safe, enjoyable spa experience. I appreciate you!

To my regular clients: Thanks not only for trusting me, but also for sticking by me through some weird stuff! The past year has been beyond interesting, but you make the effort well worth it.



Free Bath Bombs for Educators in September

Do you teach kids or adults? Are you a homeschooling parent? A tutor? Do you work as support staff in an educational setting?

Thank you for all that you do!

Throughout September 2020, if you’re listed above, mention “bath bomb” when you come in for your Feetish appointment and you’ll receive a free bath bomb! (Individually wrapped for safety.)

You must mention this offer because sometimes I forget things. You must come in for an appointment to receive your gift. While supplies last!

New Posh For Your Face

Posh just came out with two new facial products and I am loving these:

Kale’n It Face Wash $21

Very gentle, a little bit goes a long way, suitable for all skin types.

Day & Night Facial Moisturizer $22

Non-greasy but thick enough for use in the desert, use both day and night, great for sensitive, dry or combination skin.

Both are included in Buy 5 Get 1 Free, Mix & Match at!

Plus this is the final month where 10% of your online Posh purchase will be donated to Feetish’s New Orleans Square neighbors, Gender Justice! Thanks so much for your support!

The Return of Retail

Is it time to bring back some retail items? Maybe!

Please let me know if you have any special requests.

So far I’m thinking foot balm, hand cremes, yummy-smelling hand sanitizers, a few facial products, some good body moisturizers…what else do you need? Tell me!

C’mon, Why Don’t You Do Manicures at Feetish?

When I first became licensed to offer nail services at Feetish, I put manicures on my menu while remaining well aware that feet were my primary passion. The folks who came in for manicures were lovely humans, and most have remained my good friends to this day. My manicures looked nice and lasted for quite a while, yet something integral was missing and I needed to take a deep dive into what that was, exactly.

Manicures had always made up less than 10% of my total business. This was partially due to the fact that I charged more that the neighborhood nail shop (private rooms and quality products aren’t cheap), I didn’t do artificial nails (I’m allergic to acrylic chemicals), and my schedule was so busy with pedicures and facials that there wasn’t much room for manicures anyway. When I relocated from Fremont Street to New Orleans Square I had to decide what I was willing and able to accommodate in my new space: Manicure table? Manicure-specific tools? Or did I want to go all in on smoothing soles and painting toes?

With minimal hesitation I went with my original love: Feet and the pampering of feet. I absolutely adore the fact that I can spoil your footsies while you relax on a cushy massage table in a darkened room as stars dance across the ceiling. This is my meditation time too; when I can lose myself in the ritual care and grooming of your sore, tired, overworked soles. If you can list five things better than a good foot massage, I’m willing to have that conversation!

To those who wish I had the passion for caring for fingers the way I do toes, big sympathetic hugs to you. Manicures are best left to those who specialize in them, and if Feetish happens to become home to a meticulous manicurist one of these days, I’ll be shouting about it from the rooftops! 😉

Frequently Asked Questions: The B-Sides

The long-standing FAQs page on this site still applies, but I thought it might be useful to share some slightly less commonly asked questions.

Q: Do people often fall asleep during their pedicures?

A: It happens all the time!

Q: Is it OK if I fall asleep during my pedicure?

A: Absolutely! In fact, I’ll take it as a compliment.

Q: Is it OK if I talk during my service?

A: It sure is! This is your time to relax, so I’ll follow your conversational lead.

Q: How long have you been in Vegas?

A: I’ve lived here since 2007, and Feetish has been around since 2013.

Q: What’s the best way to book an appointment with you?

A: Booking online through is usually easiest for both of us, but you can also book future appointments during a current appointment (“rebooking” as we like to say), or by emailing, calling or texting me (Andrea).

Q: Do you get a lot of weird requests?

A: I actually get fewer weird requests as a self-employed spa professional than I did as a massage therapist at the two Vegas resort spas where I worked, and even fewer than I would get at the fancy day spa where I worked in Rochester, NY. I think it’s because I’m a pretty good communicator, and that’s really important to me. When receptionists who aren’t service providers are booking spa services at larger facilities, they may not pick up on a caller’s subtext and vibe.

Q: OK, but what’s the WEIRDEST request you’ve ever heard?

A: An Instagram request from a European gentleman who wanted some dead foot skin shavings. I didn’t rule out sending him some of mine (you should never give away a client’s castoffs without their consent, of course), but he didn’t want to pay for overseas postage.

Q: What do you like to do in Vegas?

A: In no particular order: Getting massages, taking photos of abandoned places and cemeteries, hiking in the desert,  Trauma Recovery Yoga, eating at Vegas’ fun restaurants, working on creative projects with friends, and turning my backyard into a residential Meow Wolf-esque wonderland.

Q: Who massages you?

A: I have a few massage therapist friends who take good care of me.

Q: Do you think you’ll always live in Vegas?

A: I used to say “yes”, but now I’m not so sure. I love it here, but I also have a dream of living on land with hot springs and building a little retreat. Who knows!

Q: What does the future of Feetish look like?

A: I’d like to find some tenants to share my office who are on a similar wavelength to my own, but beyond that I’d be happy to get through the rest of 2020 without a major personal catastrophe!

Q: I have questions that you haven’t answered. How can I ask them?

A: Drop me an email here. Keep ’em coming!

Thanks friends!

I Love Men’s Pedicures

OK, to be completely honest I love performing all pedicures regardless of the recipient’s gender, but it is so amazing to see dudes taking care of their feet!

If you’re a guy who has not had the pleasure of visiting Feetish for the most luxurious pedicure in Las Vegas, let me describe the experience in a manner that may convince you to try one (or at the very least may put your pedicure-considering mind at ease).

Every Feetish Spa Parlor appointment is performed by me (Andrea). I’m happy to answer any questions you may have before, during or after your appointment, and I am adamant about providing the level of service that I myself would find utterly delightful.

80% of your pedicure will be performed in a darkened room while you’re relaxing on a cushy massage table (face up, fully clothed, optional blanket and table warmer). During the other 20% you’ll be sitting up while soaking your feet.

Cleanliness and sanitation are extremely important to me! In addition to the COVID-19 policies described here, I am also on top of disinfecting all non-porous reusable implements, and promptly discarding all single-use implements immediately following each appointment. Your skin will be in contact with clean, properly sanitized surfaces during your visit, because I won’t accept anything less.

My treatment room is private. Our conversation is private. Your feet are my business and nobody else’s.

I’m a licensed nail tech, esthetician, and massage therapist. This means I have advanced training in nail care, skin care, and muscular concerns. When it comes to feet, this is a big deal! I also have foot issues of my own (Morton’s toe! Overpronation! High arches! An overlapping pinky toe!) so I’m pretty relatable and extremely non-judgmental.

Men’s pedicures can include buffing the nails to a matte finish or to a shine, regular nail polish, or gel polish. I’ve performed each one of these options on male clients more times than I can count. It’s your choice, and there’s no extra charge for any of these finishing touches.

Men’s pedicures also include a thorough smoothing of calluses, a foot soak and scrub, trimming toenails and filing them, pushing cuticles back (and trimming them if needed), a soothing foot and leg massage, deep hydrating lotion application, and some time wrapped up in steamed towel booties. And guess what! These steps are included in ALL of Feetish’s 90 and 120 minute pedicures, so it doesn’t matter what your gender is: Book whichever pedicure catches your eye.

I hope this blog post demystified what a men’s pedicure at Feetish Spa Parlor consists of, and I hope you’ll get in touch if you have any questions. Come on in and let me spoil your feet!

Weird Times Update, July 2020

July 2020

Hello friends!

Thanks so much for your patience and cooperation during Feetish’s reopening adventure!

You’ve been overwhelmingly happy to mask-up, and it means the world to me to feel so much appreciation directed toward my safety and sanitation habits.

In addition to all of the COVID-19 policies listed at, I’ve also been getting tested every 1 – 2 weeks. Rest assured if I turn up “positive” I will be alerting clients and closing my office for the appropriate amount of time. I’m very careful about social distancing, masking, and spending time in enclosed spaces, but I just want you to know that your well-being is my top priority during these weird times.

Much Love,


New Posh Link + Giving Back

Thanks for using my Posh link to shop for cruelty-free bath, body and skin care items since 2015!

I was recently able to update my site to so please update your bookmarks.

I’m also thrilled to announce that each quarter I’m going to donate 10% of all online Posh sales to a Las Vegas-based non-profit. This quarter I’ve chosen to support Gender Justice Nevada (my New Orleans Square neighbor) because of their intersectional approach to supporting our LGBTQIA+ community.

New Posh comes out on August 1st this year. Please let me know if you have any skin care questions. Thanks so much!

Featured Special

Feetish’s most popular post-lockdown special has been the two hour Foot Stimulus Package!

It’s a luxurious two hour peppermint pedicure with additional peppermint aromatherapy sprinkled throughout the room. Choose between nail buffing, regular polish or gel polish.

Add CBD oil to your foot soak and massage lotion at no extra charge!


Reopening News

June 2020

Hello dear friends,

Feetish is reopening on June 12th! (By appointment only, as is customary.)

I posted about it on social media yesterday and the support from everyone has been beyond heartwarming! Weekend #1 is already totally booked! Thanks all!

I invite you to check out the important updates at, most notably my COVID-19 policies, and my new menu items including Post-Lockdown Specials, longer specialty pedicures, and outdoor massage therapy services.

Stay safe and I hope to see you before long!


Featured New Service

Shelter In Self Care

A unique and ultra relaxing spa treatment performed in a PRIVATE darkened room on a cushy massage table. You’ll remain completely clothed except for your feet.

Are you stressed the hell out? Are you tired of wearing worry on your brow? Would you like to enjoy deep relaxation while skin-benefiting essential oils are applied to your forehead, temples and feet using expert massage techniques? Does a hydrating foot mask with steamed towels sound like heaven right now? If so, Shelter In Self Care was made for you.

60 minutes   $79   (without nail care)

120 minutes   $129   (with nail care, foot exfoliation, and regular polish, gel polish or buffing)

Things have changed but…

I am working on some delightful new surprises for you!

Individual snack bags, complimentary nail art with pedicures and more! Stay tuned!

Greetings & Updates, May 2020

May 2020

Dear friends,

I hope this note finds you well, all things considered.

Today lots and lots of Nevada businesses were allowed to reopen (with new rules, of course).

Feetish is not open yet. Technically I run an “aesthetics” establishment, and we were not included in the governor’s phase 1 reopening plan.

Please don’t be mad! I’m not. This just gives me more time to prepare for your visit! I’m upgrading my sanitation protocols to be EVEN STRICTER than they were before (gasp!), I’m working on getting my hands on decent PPE, and I’m rearranging the spa to reduce the number of porous surfaces that your body may come in contact with.

I’ll also be changing my hours to Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon 10am – 9pm (still by appointment only). I’m in the process of updating and I hope to have it mostly done by the end of this month…you can expect some new services and some new COVID-19 protocols. It’s a work in progress at this moment, so browse at your own risk.

When will Feetish reopen? I’m tentatively eyeballing Friday, June 12th. You’ll know more when I do, but in the meantime I just need you to know that I love and appreciate you. Thanks so much for your patience and support. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Stay safe,


In the meantime, would you like to shop with me online?

Many thanks to everyone who has purchased personal care items from me online during the shutdown.

Do you need hand cream, soap, or other personal hygiene supplies?

You can shop for Posh here, or Avon here. 🙂

Social Media

I’ll send another email out when I know 100% what my reopening date and changes look like, but I’ll also invite you to follow Feetish on social media for more (usually quicker) details.


Feetish Spa Parlor



Feetish/Andrea (it’s all the same)