How To Smooth Rough Soles

One of the most common compliments I receive from clients following my pedicures is “I have new feet! They’ve never been so smooth!”, and one of the most common questions I hear is “What can I do to keep this going at home?”. Well, my life is an open book and I want you to get as much enjoyment from your feet as is humanly possible, so here’s what I do at Feetish to get those rough, dry soles back to baby soft feet.


Soak feet for at least 10 minutes in warm water, using a magnesium salt-rich bath bomb (but not an oily one…I’ll explain why later) or bath salts. Again, avoid heavy oils or butters at this stage.


Use a clean-rinsing foot or body scrub on legs and feet. Again, not one that leaves an oily residue.


I use Footlogix Callus Softener and the Footlogix Stainless Steel Foot File. Let the softener absorb into your soles for a few minutes, then gently run the foot file over your calluses. You should start to see dead skin rolling up and falling off of your feet. (Do this over a towel for easy clean up. And remember the no oily residue rule? If there’s oil on your soles the callus softener won’t absorb into your skin and this step won’t be successful.)


When you can’t feel anymore moisture on your freshly-filed soles, use a 100/180 grit nail file to further smooth calluses. You can start with the 100 grit side and finish with a pass using the 180 grit side. If you do ANY of the steps up to and including this one, do this step as it will give you the most bang for your buck.


Use a warm, damp towel to remove the “dust” from your feet and apply a thick, rich moisturizer on your entire foot. This can be a body butter (I like Fresh Creamy Milk Body Butter found here) or if you want an even thicker moisturizer, use shea butter or a shea butter based balm (I like the Skin Sticks found here, especially The Healer). Put socks on over this layer of product and go about your day (or night). Moisturize using the same product every morning (and evening as well if you feel you need it). NOTE: If you are prone to athlete’s foot, avoid putting non-medicated lotions and creams between your toes.


Buzz Peel Body Exfoliating Gel is a fun, interesting, satisfying product to use on your soles. You apply a small amount to dry, rough skin and rub it in. Within seconds you’ll see dead skin start to roll up and off of your feet. You can use it a few times per week if you’d like. Find Buzz Peel here.

Find Fizi Bath Bombs for your foot soak here. I prefer the Sweet Lavender formula when it’s available.

Baby Foot Foot Peel will likely cause your dead foot skin to fall off in sheets over the course of 3 – 10 days. Find it here.


Most times it can be beneficial to come in for a pedicure first (like Feetish’s Dead Soles Pedicure) so a professional who loves smoothing your soles (like me!) can get your new feet off on the right foot. After this reset, your self care routine will be so much easier and more effective.

I hope this blog post was helpful! If you need some hands on assistance, please book a pedicure with me at Feetish. I’d love to smooth your soles. 🙂

What Makes A Feetish Pedicure “The Best Pedicure In Las Vegas”

Recently a few lovely new Feetish clients told me they found me by Googling “best pedicure in Vegas” and Feetish came up as the top (non-paid-for) result. For obvious reasons I was tickled to hear this, and it got me thinking: What makes Feetish’s pedicures stand out in a city where you can get a great pedicure at a five star hotel just a few miles down the road?


While I was designing Feetish, my goal was to create a total environment that would give my guests the opportunity to escape time and space for a little while. A little bit Victorian parlor and a little bit curiosity shop, with a clean, comfortable spa vibe that didn’t look like anything you’d think you’d find in Las Vegas. Attention to uncommon details: The ceiling (matte black decorative tiles), the lighting (dimmed chandeliers), the linens (blacks, grays), and the decor (candles, anatomical posters and models, butterflies, crystals, etc.), white noise, music, essential oils diffused daily, chocolates in a candy dish. Each and every service performed one-on-one on a comfy, padded massage table in a private treatment room, which is essentially unheard of in a nail salon setting.


I am a meticulous pedicurist. Sanitation, quality products, expert massage skills, thorough exfoliation, detailed nail care, and damn near perfect polish; these are some of the things that I love focusing on during every pedicure at Feetish. You know what else I love doing at Feetish? Coming up with themed pedicures that you can’t get anywhere else: The Walking Ped (zombie themed pedicure with a warm, mushy brains foot soak), Bela LuToesi’s Ped (vampire themed pedicure with a warm candle wax massage and shimmer powder application), The Grateful Ped (quite possibly the first CBD pedicure ever offered in Las Vegas), and so many more! You can’t rush quality, so I don’t offer any pedicures shorter than 90 minutes. I have very high standards for my work!


Could I use cheaper products? Of course. I could buy bulk oils, scrubs and creams made with inexpensive ingredients by the gallon (or five gallon tub, or fifty five gallon drum) and reduce my product cost on each pedicure by a couple of bucks. But you know why I don’t? I care about what I put on my clients’ skin. I insist on using cruelty free products that don’t contain sulfates, parabens, pthalates or fillers whenever possible. I carry nail polishes that range from OPI (your standard quality salon brand) to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (cruelty free boutique line that doesn’t contain many irritating ingredients commonly found in nail polishes) to 786 (a cruelty free vegan line that’s halal, breathable and free from eleven of the most common nail polish irritants).  I will always use the best products that I’ve found to get the results that I expect from my pedicures.


Your comfort is my priority. I don’t subscribe to a one size fits all philosophy, so all of Feetish’s services are customized to help you reach your self care goals. I’m one of those people that really enjoys communicating so I can make sure you’re beyond satisfied with your pedicure when you leave Feetish and head back out into the world.

I think that sums up what makes Feetish’s pedicures the top rated pedicures in Las Vegas! If you’ve ever left me an online review, I present you with a million thanks from the bottom of my heart. You’re what makes it possible for me to do what I love for a living. ❤

Lose Your Winter Funk At Feetish

March 2020

Hello friends!

I want to give massive thanks to everyone who came by during last month’s Feetish Grand Opening event. It was by far the most well-attended event in Feetish’s seven year history! I am so happy to have found a home at New Orleans Square, and things are just getting better and better around here. Whether you live in Las Vegas, overseas or anywhere in between, your support is what makes all of this possible. Thank you!



Tuesday Toesday Pedicure Special!


11am – 9pm! 

Get a jump start on your warm weather foot care routine! On Tuesdays from March 24th through April 28th Feetish will be open two extra hours! This means you can book a Tuesday Toesday 90 Minute Deluxe Spa Pedicure at 7pm(!) while saving $10! That’s just $79 for 90 minutes of relaxation that includes a bath bomb, foot and leg scrub, major sole smoothing exfoliation, a super hydrating foot creme massage, steamed towels, detailed nail care, and your choice of buffing, regular polish or gel polish! Book online at and ask me anything!

The Green Man Exchange Event

Feetish has once again joined forces with Las Vegas Oddities, this time to welcome spring in the weirdest way possible!

On Friday March 20th from 5pm – 10pm, Oddities and Feetish will be open late for shopping and shenanigans. This event is FREE to attend!

We’ll have unique vendors and chair massages for tips in the courtyard outside of Feetish!

View more details here.

Hope to see you there!

Feetish’s Grand Opening & Online Fundraiser

February 2020

Happy 2020!

Feetish’s Grand Opening event is FINALLY here!

Stop by Feetish Spa Parlor between 3pm and 10pm on Saturday, February 15th to celebrate!

Enjoy delicious food (FREE!), check out Feetish’s treatment rooms, shop for cruelty free body care and skin care items, browse weird art, and enjoy interesting conversation with friends new and old! That same evening starting at 5pm you can also check out several fascinating vendors at Las Vegas Oddities’ Black Hearts Bazaar! Plus the Sci Fi Center will be playing movies in the courtyard! Hang out with the New Orleans Square weirdos and be fed and entertained for free!

I really hope you can make it,


Online Safe Nest Fundraiser

Between now and February 14th, 2020, 25% of every Perfectly Posh bath, body & skin care purchase made online through (choose the fundraiser at checkout) will be donated to Safe Nest to assist those working to escape domestic violence. Thank you for your support!

Feetish Room Rental & New Services

Need a room at New Orleans Square to work out of or hang out in? has got you covered!

Andrea now offers Gemstone Warm Oil Facials, Reiki, and packages including up to 6 hours of relaxation in a private meditation room! Check them out here.

Valentine’s Day Shopping

Tons of new gift certificates are now available online at! Purchase online, print to give, or send as an email when they least expect it!

I can also put a bath, body & skin care gift basket together for you. Give me your budget and I’ll make it cute! ❤

Holiday Gossip!

December 2019

Hi friends!

Feetish’s new location at New Orleans Square is making visitors (and your humble narrator) smile! Tons of free parking, more availability, new services and specials…and now with a faux fireplace and Bose sound!

If you’d like to visit during December I’d suggest booking soon, as Feetish will be closed during Christmas week (12/22 – 12/29). You can see all available openings at

Thanks so much for your support throughout 2019. Happy holidays!



NEW! The Toes On Film Pedicure

Get weird with it!

This two hour Deluxe Spa Pedicure includes an additional 30 minutes for a photo shoot feet-uring your beautiful, freshly-pedicured toes! Three edited, digital photos will be emailed to you the same day of your pedicure. Post on social media and live your best Feetish life!150 minutes   $179

NEW! More Convenient Gift Certificates

Gift certificates in handier denominations are now available online at Click on the “gift certificates” link on the main page, and scroll down to see certificates from $25 – $300 (plus popular pedis and packages!).

Gift certificates can be printed out to give in person, or sent via email.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

New Location & More!

November 2019

Hello friends!

Feetish has moved! The Emergency Arts location on Fremont is now closed, and the new location in the courtyard at New Orleans Square (just minutes east of the Las Vegas Strip) will be open starting December 1st!

The New Orleans Square location boasts TONS of free parking in the lot facing Sahara, a proper storefront with a waiting room, two additional treatment rooms (for renters), and our very own restroom!

You can book appointments in the same manner you’ve been able to for the past seven years at

Thanks for seven years of magic on Fremont, everyone! I can’t wait to show you Feetish 2.0!


Tuesday Toesday Special

Starting NOW you can book a 90 minute Deluxe Spa Pedicure for a Tuesday of your choice and save $10! Online booking is available for this discount program as well. Just go to to book your $79 90 minute custom pedi! No expiration date. Hooray!

New Hours!

Feetish is now taking appointments on Wednesdays!

New Hours:

Mon – Fri
11am – 7pm

10am – 6pm

New Services!

TEMPLE OF LOVE PEDICURE – 90 minutes of sexy incense-y foot care and candles! $89

PIGGIES IN SPACE PEDICURE – 120 minutes of glow-in-the-dark everything! $129

THE SIGNATURE FEETMENT is now only $89 and still includes a foot creme to bring home with you!

BIG Changes!

September 2019

Hello wonderful people!

This June the tenants on the 2nd floor of Emergency Arts were told we’d need to move out by the end of November so our floor could be turned into office space.

I am having a new shop customized as I type this! Until further notice I will still be taking appointments at my original location in Emergency Arts, but Feetish will be moving to New Orleans Square within the next few months. Stay tuned!

Thanks friends,


New Pedicure!

Introducing the Dead Soles Pedicure! 90 minutes devoted to the smoothest soles you’ve ever experienced! After Feetish’s 3-step exfoliation process, moisturizing shea butter is worked into your brand new feet. Choose between buffed nails, regular or gel polish!  $89

Moving Sale!

All in-stock skin care products!

Buy 2 get 1 free! Mix & match!

Sale runs through the end of September.

Closed During Life Is Beautiful

Feetish will be closed from 9/15 – 9/25. Please plan accordingly. Thanks!

June Spacials!

June 2019

Hello friends!

Summer is upon us and the Vegas temps have hit 100 degrees!

Come see me for the weirdest and most luxurious pedicures on Fremont St. now through June 30th and I’ll send you home with summer goodies from me!

See you soon,


SALE on Foot & Back Packages

From now through 6/30/19, both the 120 Minute CBD Back & Foot Bliss and 120 Minute Lavender Back & Foot Bliss packages are on sale for $150! Save $25! These ultra-pampering services include customized foot care, so if your soles are in need of smoothing you’re in luck!

June Retail Specials

Online here: Place a $100 subtotal order (after Perks are applied) by June 30th and I’ll send you a FREE product of your choice! Choose from all in-stock items online here. I’ll email you after you place your order to get your freebie specs. Includes CBD products valued up to $109!

At Feetish: Same deal, but in real life and you can choose your free item from my entire retail selection. This also includes CBD products valued up to $109!

Questions? Ask me anything!

FREE Event at Feetish This Friday!

This Friday, March 8th, 2019 from 4pm – 7pm come on up to the 2nd floor of Emergency Arts for FREE hand treatments by Andrea, Girl Scout Cookies for sale by the box, crystals and smudge kits by Prism Sacred Smudging Collections, and acrylic pour paintings by Rachel Mariano!

Hope to see you there!

Free Valentine’s Day Gifts

February 2019

Love on yourself this Valentine’s Day with a free bath bomb, skin and body care samples, and chocolate from me at every Feetish appointment between now and 2/28/19!

Love on others with Feetish gift certificates! Send one via email and/or print it out to impress a special someone. Click here and scroll down to view your options.

Questions? Please ask me anything!



All In-Stock Facial and Body Care is 20% Off This Month!

I Want to See You!

If you need me this month, please book soon as I will be unavailable from 2/17 – 2/27. Thanks!