Just the other day with 22 days left to go, Feetish Spa Parlor’s Indiegogo goal was met and beaten! A million thanks to everyone who contributed, shared, or said a positive thing to me about the whole nail salon idea. Seriously, this wouldn’t have been possible without you. ❤

Thank you, friends!

Thank you, friends!

I’m going to continue to share the campaign for the remaining three weeks, because the Trek portion of the video still entertains me beyond belief. (Shout out to my pal Geoff Carter of fame for working his video magic. Well done, Captain!)

If you’re stuck in YouTube overdrive, please check out my Indiegogo rhetoric on this recent Massage Nerd Show appearance, and on this even more recent Downtown Podcast segment with Mack Holiday. Incidentally, Mack studies holidays and noticed the gross injustice inflicted upon nail techs everywhere with the absence of any sort of nail care holiday. So we invented one!

April 25th is the final day of Feetish’s Indiegogo campaign, hence we’ve dubbed it “National Mani/Pedi Day”! In honor of this sacred holiday, and as a token of my appreciation to the community who supports these crazy ideas in my head, I will be hosting a casual open house (with treats!) at Feetish on the 25th. Stay tuned!

For more info on awesome stuff mentioned here, please check out:

Thanks again! 🙂

Shiny Boots of Leather

My ebay Doc Martens are thanking me profusely, now that I’ve finally visited Flonzo at A Cut Above The Rest barbershop! Located on Carson Ave. in Downtown Las Vegas, you’ll find the resident shoeshine expert working his magic behind a beaded curtain in the back of the shop. I’m not kidding when I tell you $5 (plus tip!) has never brought this quasi-goth feetishist so much joy.


Flonzo's skills.

Flonzo’s skills.

Your humble narrator and her shiny docs.

Your humble narrator, loving life. (Photo by Flonzo)

Shiny, shiny.

Shiny, shiny.

Telephone: 702-477-7557
Address: 616 E. Carson Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89101

Gettin’ Perky with Indiegogo

Feetish Spa Parlor will be offering natural nail manicures and pedicures this spring! Here’s your chance to have a bit of fun (nail goddesses willing!) while helping the process along.

Please check out my Indiegogo campaign here, and know that I greatly appreciate any and all forms of support: tweets, Facebook shares, contributions, and kind words. There are some pretty awesome perks available to contributors, including many services you’ve already come to rely on from Downtown Las Vegas’s best little 140-square-foot day spa.

Thanks in advance, you wonderful people, you. ❤

Being Neighborly: Geoff the Accountant

I first met Geoff Geever at Feetish Spa Parlor’s Holiday Karaoke Brie Feast this past December. In a matter of minutes, my new 2nd floor neighbor had won the hearts of every comic book geek in attendance with his appreciation for the fiction of Neil Gaiman, and for his Superman socks (with attached capes). It was at this moment that Geoff was officially declared The Most Awesome CPA In All The Land.

Geoff works for RWCo CPAs. He’s quite hilarious, and from what I can deduce, pretty damn good at doing taxes. His office is right down the hall from me. You two should meet.

Geoff’s Contact Info:

(702) 728-5129

on the 2nd floor of Emergency Arts!

My 2nd floor neighbor Geoff, hard at work.

My 2nd floor neighbor Geoff, hard at work.



An Anniversary Thank YOU!

I probably should’ve posted this earlier, if only to let you guys know there would be an unlimited supply of leftover Valentine’s Day chocolate in my office all day, and that you really ought to help me devour it. But at any rate, four large boxes of rejected holiday candy later, I can say I made it through Feetish Spa Parlor’s first anniversary with a huge grin on my face.

So thank you! Thank you for buying incense and soap and perfume oils; for seeking out your Dermalogica skin care products in the most unlikely building in town; for trusting me enough to allow yourselves to be locked in a dark room with a slightly odd spa nerd for extended periods of time; for seeing value in what I do; and for being the appreciative, adventurous, supportive, amazing people who make it possible for me to do all this great stuff and enjoy every minute of it.



For you. Thanks.

For you. Thanks.

Boba Tease Me

A sweet, creamy beverage. Ice. Substantial tapioca balls. A sizeable straw.

This is why I love boba tea! (In the event you ever want to surprise me with one, Thai tea is my favorite — but don’t get me wrong, any boba tea or slush is entirely crushworthy.) It also explains why I was so excited when I learned that ChillSpot in the Downtown Container Park (at Fremont & 7th, Downtown Las Vegas, just slightly east of Emergency Arts & Feetish Spa Parlor) serves boba tea, coffee, and slushes in a variety of flavors. Sure, they’ll make you a hot chocolate, shave ice, milkshake, or any number of other delightful treats, but boba is what brings this weirdo to the yard.

My boba fetish. (Thai tea with boba, mango coconut slush with boba, and [boba-free but equally delicious] halo-halo.)

My Boba Fetish. (Thai tea with boba, mango coconut slush with boba, and [boba-free but equally delicious] halo-halo.)

ChillSpot is run by some of the friendliest crafters of custom-made-with-love frozen confections you’ll ever meet. Their little shop is located on the first floor of the Container Park, right behind the elevator with the clock on top. (I’m convinced a booming voice should bellow “Time for boba!” on the hour, every hour, but this is probably why I’ve never been asked to run a container park.)

Where it is.

Where it is.

Hey, look! Here’s their menu. 🙂

Manicures + Pedicures…Coming Soon to Feetish Spa Parlor!

“I would love to be able to go someplace on Fremont East to get a good pedi!”

“Downtown Las Vegas needs more nail salons!”

“Why aren’t there nail salons on Fremont Street?”

“Why aren’t there nail salons in the Ogden?”

(OK, so I haven’t actually heard anyone utter the last one, but I’ll bet my paraffin wax heater it’s been discussed behind closed doors.)

The second floor of Emergency Arts at 520 East Fremont Street houses Feetish Spa Parlor (among other wonderful things). The building is a two minute walk from the Las Vegas Blvd. end of the Fremont Street Experience, or from Zappos headquarters, or a one minute walk from a certain high-rise apartment building. And guess what! Sometime during the spring of 2014, Feetish Spa Parlor will begin offering these incredible, much-talked-about nail services!

Stay tuned…



This was written on the wall in the hall outside of the space where the Art Street Deli now resides on the 2nd floor of Emergency Arts, circa October 2012. At that time, very few people were privy to this photo for two reasons: 1) What if my business-creating plans failed miserably before they even got off the ground? Sound the flake alarm! 2) My giddiness almost indicated a personal belief in fate, and everyone knows that’s not self-respecting-atheist-approved behavior.

I still don’t know who wrote it, but I can tell you that the day I took this photo with my ailing DROID X was the day I called Jennifer (my lovely landlady) and heard her say she might have a space that would work for me. After skipping over random potholes like an 8-bit ninja, Feetish Spa Parlor was partially crowdfunded, built, and continues to prosper in this community of belonging.

So whether you’re a little bit odd or abnormally creative, and you’re eager to learn, grow and evolve while being surrounded by other fun-loving doers, know that you, too, belong here.

Essential Essentials

One of the most frequent compliments I receive from Feetish Spa Parlor visitors is how good it smells as they approach my shop. My graphic designer neighbor smiles and takes a deep breath every time she passes by on her way to the restroom and strangers follow their noses down the hall until they arrive at my open door.

The origin of this olfactory adventure lies in my daily use of essential oils. At the risk of being referred to as a dirty hippie, I usually wear ylang ylang, patchouli, frankincense and sandalwood. At Feetish, I diffuse different oils on a cotton round — usually eucalyptus, lavender, and doTERRA’s Citrus Bliss blend.

Always a fan of educating the public and peddling my wares, here are the doTERRA essential oils currently available for sale at Feetish Spa Parlor. I’ve also included my favorite use for each oil and its price. Enjoy, and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have!

Lavender – A bestseller! I like to diffuse it in the office, and I use it on my sunburn when my vampire-like skins see too much UV light. $28

Patchouli – People either love it or hate it. I love it as a perfume oil. $40

Peppermint – So many uses! My fave? Breath freshener! $28

Vetiver – A very grounding scent, similar to patchouli. I like to diffuse it. $46

Lemon – A few drops in water makes for a yummy drink. $14

Ylang Ylang – Don’t laugh, but it makes an awesome women’s deodorant. $47

Clove – To be perfectly honest I don’t use clove oil on a regular basis, BUT lots of people use it to help them quit smoking. $19

Lime – You can use it when cooking, or put a few drops in your drinking water. $18

Melaleuca – Also known as tea tree oil, it has strong anti-fungal properities. $26

Cinnamon – You can put a few drops in hot chocolate to give it a spicy kick. $28

Rosemary – On chicken. Mmmm. $19

Frankincense – Works wonders on bizarro skin conditions. $93

Geranium – Known for its age-defying skin benefits. $36

Eucalyptus – Out of stock, but more is on the way! Relieves nasal congestion, and smells like a (clean) steam room at the spa. $19

TerraShield – A natural bug repellent. $13

On Guard – This blend helps relieve throat discomfort when I catch a cold. $43

Citrus Bliss – Smells like Creamsicles. ‘Nuff said. $20

PastTense – The BEST thing for headaches and cramps. $25

Clear Skin – A natural way to attack acne, in roll-on form. $28

I have testers of most of these oils in the shop, so feel free to stop by and play!

I’m Embarrassed To Ask: Facials

Problem: Dryness. Dullness. Nasty breakouts. Pores the size of manholes.

Solution: Get a facial.

“But what happens during a facial?” This question (or a similar version) has been asked countless times throughout the ages, most often by people who would probably feel more comfortable spending the day at the office, in the restroom, or with a Playstation controller in hand — versus spending it at the spa. I’m certain that even more people just smile and nod, not wanting to admit to not knowing something that even a beauty school graduate can speak about with an air of authority.

Most facials follow a multi-step formula that goes something like this:

Step 1 – Cleansing. A facial cleanser specific to your skin’s unique condition is used to remove surface dirt, oil, makeup, and other caca. This step can include the application of eye makeup remover if needed. In Feetish Spa Parlor’s facials, a double cleanse is performed to make sure your skin is extra sparkly fresh.

Step 2 – Exfoliation. Exfoliants can be physical (like a gritty scrub), or chemical (like an acidic peel). Some exfoliating products use both methods simulatneously. Your skin type will dictate the type of exfoliant used during your facial, and if you’re using serious acne meds, most chemical exfoliants would not be a good fit for you. An exfoliant will remove the outermost layers of dead cells from your skin, which allows other products to work more effectively, and helps to clear up blemishes and brighten dull skin. (And no, this does not hurt.)

Step 3 – Extractions. This optional step involves the manual cleaning of pores, removing the buildup that contributes to blackhead and pimple proliferation.

Step 4 – Massage. Head. Face. Neck. ‘Nuff said.

Step 5 – Mask. A custom mask will be used to further treat any skin conditions or related challenges you’re facing. Don’t worry, it’s not like a hockey mask or Hannibal Lecter mask; it’s a soothing product that’s massaged onto the skin and left on for anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.

Step 6 – Moisturization. An eye cream is applied in the eye area, and lip balm is applied to the lips. A customized moisturizer is applied to the face and neck, and is massaged into the skin. Simple!

Keep in mind that this entire process includes a whole lot of yummy massage strokes and warm, steamed towel applications. If this sounds like a little slice of heaven, pick up the phone and book a facial today! (Further questions, silly or not, are most certainly encouraged.)