Credits 2014


In the spring of 2013 (thanks to the encouragement bestowed upon me by a few lovely Downtown Las Vegas movers and shakers), I started off on a journey to bring kickass manicures and pedicures to the Fremont East Entertainment District in DTLV. In February 2014 I looked to this same community for support, and unveiled an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign with the goal of raising $1000 to be spent procuring nail care equipment and supplies for Feetish Spa Parlor. Words cannot begin to describe the gratitude I felt when the campaign topped out at over 200% funded by the time it ended in April. (On National Mani Pedi Day, no less!)

The contributors listed below (plus some beautiful humans who chose to remain anonymous) made this possible. Without further ado, let’s get this party started — in chronological order!

Jon Winet – Jon Winet is a champion of all that is good in the world, and for this I am tremendously grateful. He’s also one of the driving forces behind projects such as Our Las Vegas, “a cultural animation public art project” that features The Daily Frame (where a new Vegas-themed photo is posted every 24 hours). What a guy!

Jon Miller – Jon Miller is a repeat offender, and I mean that in the sweetest, most gracious and complimentary way ever uttered with regard to offending.

Jeff Curtis – My little brother frequently accuses me of stealing the adorable Jeff Curtis from him. Darren — you’re right, and I’m keeping him. So there.

Deena Viviani – My fabulous librarian sister, of course! A repeat contributor, here’s her 2014 update: She’s been published! And she even tweeted my adoration to Neal Shusterman last month! Love you, Deenok the Wise!

Beth Milner – My sweet friend Beth has known my family since the wild and crazy ’80s, so she probably deserves a medal. If ever you have a question about woodworking, cats, tech or Trek, she’s your girl!

Paul Barnes – Paul is my lovable neighbor who creates wild art and jewelry at Monkey Business on the first floor of Emergency Arts. We share a deep mutual appreciation for creepy paintings and bunnies in bondage gear. Meet Paul, change your life!

Ginger Bruner – She shoots! She juggles! She cracks wise with the best of ’em! Ginger is my much beloved across-the-hall neighbor at Emergency Arts. She (along with Jon Winet) keeps Our Las Vegas going strong, along with about a million other projects vital to the Las Vegas art and music scenes. Did I mention she plays punk rock polka tuba? Yessssss.

Ariana La Cour – Always ultra supportive, creative beyond belief and inspirational like no other, Ari is a Vegas massage therapist, blogger, thrifting boss, superb confidant and fantastic friend (just to name a few of her many talents). I have always admired her ability to take on challenging projects while remaining super thoughtful of those around her. I still haven’t the foggiest clue how I managed to get lucky enough to have her in my life, but man, am I grateful.

Debbi Rango = (dark humor + dance numbers) x (intelligence – ego) x (thoughtfulness + trustworthiness + one-of-a-kind friendship) x (sushi + love)

Sandy Black – Sandy is a lovely, generous and (clearly) adventurous massage therapist who lives in Augusta, Georgia. Hooray for cross-country spa love!

Brent Bornemeier – Brent Bornemeier is officially my bitchiest friend. Now that that’s out of the way, you should know that this Vegas-based massage therapist has a heart of gold, a huge capacity for both thoughtfulness and breakfast, and a sense of humor like no other. I heart me some Brent Bornemeier something fierce.

Jackie Jensen – A dynamic force in the Vegas tech scene, Jackie has been a supporter of Feetish Spa Parlor since the early days. She was even kind enough to let me crash the Downtown Podcast a few months back! Thanks so much for your unending support and thoughtfulness, Jackie!

Michael Hidrosollo – Thanks for the Vegas love, Michael! Right back at’cha!

Tony Lopez – Tony and I have worked side-by-side for the man since ’09. He listens patiently to my stories of woe and hardship, then we watch a few YouTube videos about banana hands and Star Trek:TNG, and almost everything is right in the world once again.

Joey Rincon – One evening last year, I was hanging out at Emergency Arts in what was then known as Get Up Gallery. A mysterious, heavenly tune swirled out of The Beat and found it’s way to my aural anatomy…I approached the barista to inquire, and was told it was on a playlist belonging to a guy in a tank top sitting at the counter. We chatted. We bonded. Now we dance badly to new wave and drink boba slush together. Thanks for being you, Joe! (The tune? ‘You Are The Ocean’ by Phantogram.)

Cynthia Given – Instagram pals forever! #nofilter #sosweet #sograteful

Jeff Holquin – You may think he’s too busy being awesome, but time and time again, Jeff Holquin comes through with a giant, kickass serving of BAM.

Laura Herbert – There are days when I am convinced that Laura keeps the planet spinning soundly on its axis, and these are the days I am right about everything.

Abram Herman – Abram spends all of his time climbing mountains while doing a fantastic job managing social media for ABMP and ASCP, so when he makes the time to support my little projects, I can’t help but tear up a little bit.

Blanca Vigil – Blanca and I met while she was womanning the Burlesque Hall of Fame on the first floor of Emergency Arts. Bubbly, outgoing, a proponent of sexy ladies in pasties and just an all-around sweetheart, I’m thrilled to count her among my friends.

Don Pingleton – I really need to collect more creepy Vegas massage stories before Don’s interest in my career choices wanes completely. I’m on it, Don!

Allissa Haines – Quick with an “attagirl” and loyal to a T, Allissa believes in me even when I doubt myself damn near down to my core. Sweet Baby Jesus, I love this woman.

Melissa Finley – Massage therapist and overseer of the always fascinating Anatomy in Motion Facebook page (among other things), Melissa is as generous and thoughtful as she is creative and just plain fabulous.

Mishele DiMaria – A one-of-a-kind hairstylist, activist, artist, and friend. When she likes what you’re doing, oh boy, you’ll know it. Talented and passionate beyond words, her enthusiasm is infectious, and her laughter can fill a room. She also owns the most impressive collection of fashion accessories and platform shoes I’ve ever seen in my life, and I’ve seen some pretty cool shit.

Brian Bannon – Super thoughtful, hilarious and kind, Brian and I met almost five years ago when he traveled to Vegas from New York for a work thing. We get along so well you’d think we’d planned it, and it wasn’t a coincidence at all. #maybe #maybenot #taptap #Ilovethisguy

Spencer Sleeper – We round out the non-anons with the amazingly generous Spencer who, on the final day of Feetish’s Indiegogo campaign to bring nail services to East Fremont, knocked the ball out of the park, catapulting the funds raised to over 200% of Feetish’s $1000 goal! Spencer, thanks a million. I hope you enjoy your perks, and I look forward to having you come by the spa sometime soon! ❤

This nail art perk was custom made for Ariana using an emulsion lift process from a Polaroid photo of our creepy baby. Impossible B&W film, IBD and Gelish gel polish and gloss top coat.

This nail art perk was custom made for Ariana using an emulsion lift process from a Polaroid photo of our creepy baby. Impossible B&W film, IBD gel polish, Gelish gloss top coat.


This nail art perk was custom made for Jeff Curtis using Kiss nail art polishes, and OPI polish and glitter.


This nail art perk was custom made for Mishele using OPI polishes and glitter, and an assortment of craft paint.

Now that you’ve read the shout outs and seen the perks, it’s time for me to thank a few more people who actively supported this leg of the journey:

Geoff Carter – Thanks again for filming and editing my campaign video, Captain. It proved to be successfully dorky and hilarious and just informative enough to get the job done, and done well.

Chef Nat – Thanks for pushing me to learn something new, and for leading by example. I seriously doubt I’d be at this point in my life right now if we hadn’t had that little talk at eat last April.

Jennifer Cornthwaite – Your support and cheerleading throughout this whole process means more than you know. Thank you!

Mack at HolidayWhatTV – Thanks for the interview and video sweetness!

My Emergency Arts Family – You guys never cease to amaze me. Much love!

My Better Half – You put up with an overworked, sleep-deprived beauty school student in her mid-30s for seven months. Thanks for not leaving my ass.

And to YOU, whether you shared my campaign or a kind word or a smile, know that it was and is appreciated, and so are you. XOXO