Post-Lockdown Specials

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Foot Stimulus Package

Relax in a PRIVATE darkened room on a cushy massage table during this two hour pedicure.

Aromatherapy and foot care at the same time! Enjoy the refreshing, stimulating sensation of peppermint essential oil during this thorough deluxe spa pedicure. The Foot Stimulus Package includes a foot soak, foot and leg scrub, detailed callus smoothing, nail care, peppermint foot and leg massage, and your choice of nail buffing, regular nail polish or gel polish at no extra charge!

120 minutes   $99


Shelter In Self Care

A unique and ultra relaxing spa treatment performed in a PRIVATE darkened room on a cushy massage table. You’ll remain completely clothed except for your feet.

Are you stressed the hell out? Are you tired of wearing worry on your brow? Would you like to enjoy deep relaxation while skin-benefiting essential oils are applied to your forehead, temples and feet using expert massage techniques? Does a hydrating foot mask with steamed towels sound like heaven right now? If so, Shelter In Self Care was made for you.

60 minutes   $79   (without nail care)

120 minutes   $129   (with nail care, foot exfoliation, and regular polish, gel polish or buffing)


Essential Worker Feetment

This foot treatment is performed in a PRIVATE darkened room on a cushy massage table.

Are your nails perfectly fine, but your soles need some love? This soothing foot treatment consists of light callus smoothing, a hydrating foot mask, steamed towels, and a relaxing foot massage using a customized blend of essential oils. Happy feet are essential! (BTW, you don’t need to be an “essential worker” to book this service.)

60 minutes   $79   (does not include nail care)