Success Really IS Possible In DTLV

I blog on a site geared toward other massage therapists from time to time. Today was my last day at my *other* job at a Vegas resort spa, and I wrote all about it here. 

My transition to self-employment wouldn’t have been possible without your support. From the bottom of my heart: thanks a million. ❤

The Downtown Round Table

Back in 2013 when Feetish Spa Parlor first hit the scene, business was S-L-O-W. Very few people knew Feetish existed, as it took time for word of mouth to travel and internet keywords to work their magic. Back in those days I had time. Time to sit in my office, time to make coffee in the Keurig for friends, and time to plot, plan and gossip. When a friend (new or old) was in the neighborhood, it wasn’t uncommon for them to stop by my office for a visit and a chat. It was also pleasantly common for multiple, unrelated friends to stop by during the same window of time — I’d introduce the newcomer to everyone else in the room, and the conversation would continue as if we’d all known each other for years. Now that business has taken off and I’m performing spa services daily (yay!), the visits have become less frequent, and (although I’m thrilled with and grateful for the business that allows me to pay my bills and eat) I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss those chats and introductions every now and again.

Once, while I was hosting an impromptu gab session at Feetish, my friend Thom compared me to Dorothy Parker and my office setup to New York’s Algonquin Round Table. This was flattering to say the least — as my parlor furniture was procured primarily from the House of Target and my witticisms are usually bound to the realm of scatological humor — but I took the compliment to heart and filed it away for future reference.

Conveniently, the future is now! The time for chatting has returned! Only this time, through the use of 21st century technology, we can all relive each glorious gossip fest over and over from the comfort of our own homes. Enter The Downtown Round Table!

Held monthly (at the bare minimum), The Downtown Round Table will feature yours truly and one or two other folks who work and/or reside in Downtown Las Vegas. We’ll chat about stuff we hope you’ll find interesting, and we’ll upload each episode to the Feetish Spa Parlor YouTube channel. Please feel free to view, comment and share.

Thanks for being here! Until next month…

Go Ahead, Post a #Gelfie!

First and most importantly, Feetish’s Indiegogo campaign to bring nail services to East Fremont was a HUGE success, thanks to you wonderful people. Perks were dropped in the mail two days ago, and I can’t wait for you guys to open ’em. Your generosity and support means more than words can say. Again, thankyouthankyouthankyou. ❤

Secondly, I thought I’d take this opportunity to gab about gel polish (since the Indiegogo campaign was instrumental in allowing me to stock up on a wide variety of gel polishes and glitters for your mani/pedi pleasure!)

Gel polish is awesome for a few reasons:

* It cures in seconds, in contrast to the lengthy drying time of regular polish.

* It lasts for weeks under normal conditions, whereas regular polish looks good for a few days.

* You can get down with chemicals that would normally ruin regular polish (acetone, anyone?) and your nails will still look pristine.

* Gel polish is *super* awesome at Feetish Spa Parlor, because you pay the same price for a mani or pedi whether you choose gel or regular polish. Unbelievable!

Gel polish is cured under LED light. Each coat takes about 30 seconds to cure. Once the top coat is applied, you can tie your shoes or pick your nose, and your polish will still be perfect!

Gel polish is cured under LED light. Each coat takes about 30 seconds to cure. Once the top coat is applied, you can tie your shoes or pick your nose and your polish will still look perfect!


My very own #gelfie! Not too shabby for doing my own left-handed gels. 😉 Colors: The Abyss (dark blue) with Fireworks glitter.

If you have any questions about gel polish, manicures, pedicures, appointments or absolutely anything nail-related or not, please drop a note at

Thanks again, friends! 🙂

Otherworldly Travels on Fremont Street

It was just a matter of time before I blogged about Jesse James Celestial Comics. Located on the first floor of Neonopolis (just beyond the Denny’s that serves Fernet Branca, and Pancake Puppies wedding cake), I impose my presence on Celestial Comics at least once every other week to pick up my favorite DC Vertigo titles (Sandman Overture, Dead Boy Detectives) and engage in general mischief.

My pal Mike runs the shop and edits the pix. BAM.

My pal Mike runs the shop and edits the pix. *BAM*

The staff is knowledgeable about more titles than I’ll ever be. They also carry a wide selection of statues, figurines, hardcover graphic novels, and other requisite nerd accoutrements.

These things!

These things!

New stuff!

New stuff!

More things and new stuff!

More things and new stuff!

Mike and I doing what we do best.

Mike and I doing what we do best.

Jesse James Celestial Comics is open 7 days a week from 11 ’til 7 or 8 (depending on the day). Tell ’em Feetish sent ya! 😉



This was written on the wall in the hall outside of the space where the Art Street Deli now resides on the 2nd floor of Emergency Arts, circa October 2012. At that time, very few people were privy to this photo for two reasons: 1) What if my business-creating plans failed miserably before they even got off the ground? Sound the flake alarm! 2) My giddiness almost indicated a personal belief in fate, and everyone knows that’s not self-respecting-atheist-approved behavior.

I still don’t know who wrote it, but I can tell you that the day I took this photo with my ailing DROID X was the day I called Jennifer (my lovely landlady) and heard her say she might have a space that would work for me. After skipping over random potholes like an 8-bit ninja, Feetish Spa Parlor was partially crowdfunded, built, and continues to prosper in this community of belonging.

So whether you’re a little bit odd or abnormally creative, and you’re eager to learn, grow and evolve while being surrounded by other fun-loving doers, know that you, too, belong here.

I’m Embarrassed To Ask: Facials

Problem: Dryness. Dullness. Nasty breakouts. Pores the size of manholes.

Solution: Get a facial.

“But what happens during a facial?” This question (or a similar version) has been asked countless times throughout the ages, most often by people who would probably feel more comfortable spending the day at the office, in the restroom, or with a Playstation controller in hand — versus spending it at the spa. I’m certain that even more people just smile and nod, not wanting to admit to not knowing something that even a beauty school graduate can speak about with an air of authority.

Most facials follow a multi-step formula that goes something like this:

Step 1 – Cleansing. A facial cleanser specific to your skin’s unique condition is used to remove surface dirt, oil, makeup, and other caca. This step can include the application of eye makeup remover if needed. In Feetish Spa Parlor’s facials, a double cleanse is performed to make sure your skin is extra sparkly fresh.

Step 2 – Exfoliation. Exfoliants can be physical (like a gritty scrub), or chemical (like an acidic peel). Some exfoliating products use both methods simulatneously. Your skin type will dictate the type of exfoliant used during your facial, and if you’re using serious acne meds, most chemical exfoliants would not be a good fit for you. An exfoliant will remove the outermost layers of dead cells from your skin, which allows other products to work more effectively, and helps to clear up blemishes and brighten dull skin. (And no, this does not hurt.)

Step 3 – Extractions. This optional step involves the manual cleaning of pores, removing the buildup that contributes to blackhead and pimple proliferation.

Step 4 – Massage. Head. Face. Neck. ‘Nuff said.

Step 5 – Mask. A custom mask will be used to further treat any skin conditions or related challenges you’re facing. Don’t worry, it’s not like a hockey mask or Hannibal Lecter mask; it’s a soothing product that’s massaged onto the skin and left on for anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.

Step 6 – Moisturization. An eye cream is applied in the eye area, and lip balm is applied to the lips. A customized moisturizer is applied to the face and neck, and is massaged into the skin. Simple!

Keep in mind that this entire process includes a whole lot of yummy massage strokes and warm, steamed towel applications. If this sounds like a little slice of heaven, pick up the phone and book a facial today! (Further questions, silly or not, are most certainly encouraged.)