An Anniversary Thank YOU!

I probably should’ve posted this earlier, if only to let you guys know there would be an unlimited supply of leftover Valentine’s Day chocolate in my office all day, and that you really ought to help me devour it. But at any rate, four large boxes of rejected holiday candy later, I can say I made it through Feetish Spa Parlor’s first anniversary with a huge grin on my face.

So thank you! Thank you for buying incense and soap and perfume oils; for seeking out your Dermalogica skin care products in the most unlikely building in town; for trusting me enough to allow yourselves to be locked in a dark room with a slightly odd spa nerd for extended periods of time; for seeing value in what I do; and for being the appreciative, adventurous, supportive, amazing people who make it possible for me to do all this great stuff and enjoy every minute of it.



For you. Thanks.

For you. Thanks.

Boba Tease Me

A sweet, creamy beverage. Ice. Substantial tapioca balls. A sizeable straw.

This is why I love boba tea! (In the event you ever want to surprise me with one, Thai tea is my favorite — but don’t get me wrong, any boba tea or slush is entirely crushworthy.) It also explains why I was so excited when I learned that ChillSpot in the Downtown Container Park (at Fremont & 7th, Downtown Las Vegas, just slightly east of Emergency Arts & Feetish Spa Parlor) serves boba tea, coffee, and slushes in a variety of flavors. Sure, they’ll make you a hot chocolate, shave ice, milkshake, or any number of other delightful treats, but boba is what brings this weirdo to the yard.

My boba fetish. (Thai tea with boba, mango coconut slush with boba, and [boba-free but equally delicious] halo-halo.)

My Boba Fetish. (Thai tea with boba, mango coconut slush with boba, and [boba-free but equally delicious] halo-halo.)

ChillSpot is run by some of the friendliest crafters of custom-made-with-love frozen confections you’ll ever meet. Their little shop is located on the first floor of the Container Park, right behind the elevator with the clock on top. (I’m convinced a booming voice should bellow “Time for boba!” on the hour, every hour, but this is probably why I’ve never been asked to run a container park.)

Where it is.

Where it is.

Hey, look! Here’s their menu. 🙂

Manicures + Pedicures…Coming Soon to Feetish Spa Parlor!

“I would love to be able to go someplace on Fremont East to get a good pedi!”

“Downtown Las Vegas needs more nail salons!”

“Why aren’t there nail salons on Fremont Street?”

“Why aren’t there nail salons in the Ogden?”

(OK, so I haven’t actually heard anyone utter the last one, but I’ll bet my paraffin wax heater it’s been discussed behind closed doors.)

The second floor of Emergency Arts at 520 East Fremont Street houses Feetish Spa Parlor (among other wonderful things). The building is a two minute walk from the Las Vegas Blvd. end of the Fremont Street Experience, or from Zappos headquarters, or a one minute walk from a certain high-rise apartment building. And guess what! Sometime during the spring of 2014, Feetish Spa Parlor will begin offering these incredible, much-talked-about nail services!

Stay tuned…