The Heebie Jeebie Foot Peel


Few things are as satisfying as witnessing the dry, cracked, scratchy skin on the soles of your feet shed, exposing the soft, smooth, healthy skin underneath.

The Heebie Jeebie Foot Peel by Perfectly Posh makes this dream a reality…painlessly! Here are some pro tips to help you get the most out of your foot peel:

  1. Wash your feet.
  2. Soak them in warm water for 20 minutes.
  3. Squeeze half the tube of gel in each bootie (you do not want any leftovers). Put a bootie on each foot, focusing the gel in areas that need the most TLC.
  4. Insulate booties with socks or dry towels.
  5. Do not walk around with the booties on. Sit still and relax!
  6.  Leave on for ***90*** minutes!
  7. Rinse off.
  8. Starting the next day, apply foot lotion or cream (that absorbs — not beeswax, Vaseline or an occlusive cream) before you put your socks on. Do this every day and night.
  9. Once peeling begins (around day 4 or 5) soak your feet for 20 minutes in warm water to maximize peeling. You can soak several days in a row if you’d like to.
  10. Keep newly soft soles looking and feeling great with a daily foot cream application.
  11. Want to do a second foot peel treatment? I spaced mine three months apart with fabulous results.

Ask me any questions…the weirder the better!

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Manicures + Pedicures…Coming Soon to Feetish Spa Parlor!

“I would love to be able to go someplace on Fremont East to get a good pedi!”

“Downtown Las Vegas needs more nail salons!”

“Why aren’t there nail salons on Fremont Street?”

“Why aren’t there nail salons in the Ogden?”

(OK, so I haven’t actually heard anyone utter the last one, but I’ll bet my paraffin wax heater it’s been discussed behind closed doors.)

The second floor of Emergency Arts at 520 East Fremont Street houses Feetish Spa Parlor (among other wonderful things). The building is a two minute walk from the Las Vegas Blvd. end of the Fremont Street Experience, or from Zappos headquarters, or a one minute walk from a certain high-rise apartment building. And guess what! Sometime during the spring of 2014, Feetish Spa Parlor will begin offering these incredible, much-talked-about nail services!

Stay tuned…